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Lockdown Lessons

70 days since I last stepped out of my house or maybe even more but let’s be frank who has a record of days in quarantine. I have always been a home body but it took a lockdown for me to figure out some things.
1.  Practicing gratitude for what we have taken for granted always. That little fast food joint which was outside our college/office where we stopped by every now and then is now what we miss the most. That travel from work place to home which I cursed every alternate day is now the reality I want to go back to.

2. Unlearning is as powerful as learning. We have for too long always focused on learning new skills. But what we learn or are taught is not always right, unlearning them over the time is what makes us a better person.

3. We all have realised what is essential may we always remember and stop running towards materialistic pleasures. Because we survived with essentials so long so why not practice it every day now.

4. We all have been in a rat race for so long that even when we are in the middle of a global pandemic we are busy comparing our worth through Instagram stories and LinkedIn skills/publications. It’s high time when we realise its okay to run at our own pace in this race.

5. It took a lockdown for earth to heal itself from the wounds we have caused since years. Giving earth time to heal every year should be the call of the hour.

6. Friends who understand mental space are so important. While we are free but it is not always important that we are available. We all have our own personal battles to fight daily. So it’s okay to not reply to a text immediately or not join friends for virtual hangouts and stop expecting the same from others.

7. The diverse content that we watch or read on daily basis is the gift of artists. They are the reason why we are having content to read or watch. Respecting and appreciating their content is the least we can do for their effort.

8. Sometimes it’s the faith that keeps us going through even in the hardest times. There’s something either inside all of us or something we believe in that keeps us alive even when everything feels dead.

9.  Having a home and not being worried about our next meal is a privilege that we fail to appreciate. The plight of the labourers travelling cities by foot or the plight of people who don’t have enough money skipping their meals on some days so they can eat atleast something the other day.

10. Not having personal space can make a person go mad without any reason. Asking someone for your personal space is not a crime. And giving someone their personal space is not a favor. It’s just our responsibility.

11. Family that makes us feel safe is a blessing. I cannot assert this enough but how the violence at home breaks a person is the trauma we don’t have to deal with. No matter what bond we share with them we should be grateful to the almighty and parents too.

12. It is the hope of finding light at the end of tunnel that keeps us going most of the days. Who are we kidding reading daily about the rising death rates all over the world but secretly wishing or praying the universe that all of this gets over soon.

13. What we consume over the internet affects us more than what we consume over the plate. Filtering our social media feed is the first step for better mental health. Mental health is as important as physical health.

14. If anyone in the family does the household work it does not mean we are helping our mother. Household work is everyone’s responsibility. It’s just that since years we have only seen women taking up all the responsibility

15. Don’t spend too much of yourself for the work that fires you when there is no money. Take time for what you love doing. Spare few minutes from extra hours that you spend at work for promotion, for your hobbies. Hobbies that keep you happy. Hobbies that bring the best out of you.


I’m not perfect but stories are always better with a touch of imperfection.

16 thoughts on “Lockdown Lessons

  1. A great post the lockdown has definitely taught us many things very strong thoughts. I loved reading it thank you for sharing. 🙂

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