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Little achievements make way for bigger dreams

Contrary to what motivational quotes say ‘Don’t stop working hard even when you are failing’ and what we have been always told . We need little achievements to remind ourselves that we are deserving. And you are not pessimistic for believing in that.

Achievements need not be huge they can be as little as someone randomly telling you they are proud of what you have achieved till now. Or maybe painting a scenery you always wanted to. Or even achieving 1000 followers on instagram page. Or doing that excercise/yoga pose you have been trying to get perfect at without any after pain. Or cooking something you love to devour upon. These achievements most of the times do not have to align with goals or dreams. It’s just that they reassure us “See if you could do this, you will pull yourself out from the dark you are right now”. And sometime that is all we need. Because no matter how much you are dedicated to achieve something or to do something there are moments when everything just feels too much. And you start giving up.

In moments like that make sure you pick up something you had left years back thinking you can’t do and do it. No matter if it’s outdated, not in fashion, or almost everyone has done it so it is no longer so special when you do it. No matter what pick that up and do it. You will feel better. And that’s all you need to feel on many days. Also it’s okay if you didn’t reach goal within the deadline you had set for yourself. Because deadlines are for the society and dreams are for you.

Disclaimer : You and me might not share same views on this because motivation works in different ways for everyone. But I really hope you know that you are worthy of dreaming and never stop working for what you dream. Because you are gonna achieve that one day and make yourself proud.


I’m not perfect but stories are always better with a touch of imperfection.

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