I know what I don’t want but I don’t know what I want

P.S Sorry if this rant feels like my attack of privilege. I know there are many out there who are going 100 times more than what i am going through. I really wish you have enough strength to deal with all of that. There are days when i do absolutely nothing and just continue to […]

Little achievements make way for bigger dreams

Contrary to what motivational quotes say ‘Don’t stop working hard even when you are failing’ and what we have been always told . We need little achievements to remind ourselves that we are deserving. And you are not pessimistic for believing in that. Achievements need not be huge they can be as little as someone […]

This was not a part of my plan but i can always change the plan.

Whatever I am doing right now definitely was never a part of my plan of adulting. One thing i knew in class 6th was to do something in English. Although that something was quite vague because of not having proper knowledge or maybe resources to know what something can be. But by class 9th i […]

Overthinking the feelings.

Thinking of everythingstuck in my headLike everydaystaring at that cielingwhile lying on my bed I might have changedhow it endedonly if i had not leftall my verses unsaidand feelings dead A little more spaceor a little more timeand my heartmight fall in placeand wont feel same Or give it another trywithout thinking of whyinstead of […]

A forever that is not romantic.

The love i read about in books, the love i watched on screens, or the stories of people in love that i read over internet. I have always romanticized forever. And growing up i strongly believed this was the only kind of love that lived forever. But growing up i realised love knows no boundaries, […]

We all need someone by our side

There are days when i hold my pillow tight, tight enough that i could feel its warmth while sleeping. There are days when i cry to myself sitting at corner of the house and wishing no one interrupts my breakdown session. There are days when i rant about my life to my people and cry […]

Love Letters

I am someone who would keep re-reading long texts. Someone who would reply to every paragraph if you send me long texts. Someone who has always secretly loved how old movies showed letters being narrated in sender’s voice. Someone who never admitted but liked writing letter to best friend in writing section of English exams. […]

Good things take time

We all have certain ambitions and certain deadlines for ambitions. We run after them work for them and want to achieve them. And not just work ambitions, we have people ambitions too. We all dream of falling in love and building a perfect home. We all plan to do lists with our close friends. We […]

Are you productive enough ?

It has been days in fact months since we have stepped out. Almost everyday we think of moments we enjoyed before virus changed our lives. We all had plans for this year it can wither be academically or on personal front. But for now everything is on hold and the fact that it is on […]


Friends who are happy when you succeed are rare. It’s a hard pill to swallow but sometimes people envy even their closest friends when they see them achieving higher success. All this starts when your friend calls you up to tell about either their salary increment or success of entrepreneurial venture. Instead of feeling happy […]


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